November 2016: Melbourne, Australia

Reach Potential, the life coaching company, which in 2016 published The Good Work Book: How to enjoy your job & make it spiritually fulfilling, today announced the official launch date of its upcoming online life coaching service specifically for readers of the book. Excitement is building among current readers as well as those professional folk within the self-development world who have supported this initiative.

Reach Potential has announced what participants in the course, to be available through Reach Potential’s Bronze Level training, can expect from its inception in March 2017.

Course participants can expect to gain a significant improvement in their resilience to work stress within a very short time, as well as an increase in their confidence in daily decision-making. Reach Potential coaches, who include authors of the Good Work Book to make this happen by providing ease-to-use, short daily exercises based on brain retraining principles. These are backed up with webinar assistance so that participants can get individualized responses to their questions. Real support of its clients and students is to be expected from the folk at Reach Potential who are well known for providing genuinely personalized assistance.

Reach Potential will be celebrating its new service by offering the course free to the first 5 applicants who sign up to their 'New Year New You' promotion in January 2017. It is their hope that this will help to raise awareness of the new service and encourage people to spread the word.

The online course has been in development over the past 6 months as a response to the growing interest in The Good Work Book, which was written by Reach Potential authors, Suzie St George and Fiona McDougall.

Jane Robotham at, a Positive Change Facilitator and Wellness Coach who is a senior presenter of Reach Potential services also wanted to add, "I am so excited to be part of this new initiative. People are always very keen for the chance to have personal connection to the ever-helpful authors of The Good Work Book. This is such an easy way to get it."


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