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The Power Of Living In The Present

Whenever you find that life is alarming or you believe that you are not moving forward fast enough in your projects, there is a tendency to:

  • 1     Either to start obsessing on how things have gone wrong in the past and probably always will...
  • Or   Or to become impatient/desperate that the future you want is not arriving in the form you had planned for it quickly enough,
  • 3.      Or to blame someone or something outside yourself, God, the government, the boss or your partner, for the situation.

When you direct the energy of your thoughts and feelings outwards or towards the past or the future, you have no real power. You cannot change the past (obviously) while the future is never guaranteed because it is always subject to change created by events beyond your control, as are people. In short, you cannot create a plan for success that is in any way guaranteed.

However, you CAN with inner brain change techniques create a consciousness in the present moment that is a foundation for longer term benefits by:

  1.      Promoting a positive energetic environment that will assist in magnetizing positive opportunities in the future;
  2.      Establishing the inner peace that allows you to make immediate decisions and take those actions that will be fully supported by your whole being: those steps that are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually comfortable for you. Such whole self alignment always promotes decisions that can move you steadily beyond your current problems;
  3.     Developing a personal 'vibe' that will help people to feel more at ease and cooperative with you.

The power to change things for the better always begins by creating a sense of calm in the Now.  And the means by which you do that will always depend on being able to call up those thoughts, feelings and experiences that are based in love and well-being. Certainly  anxiety, worry, resentment, ego or stressed-out determination may somehow 'force' change but often at a price of distress that will be too high to bear.

While creating the consciousness of well-being initially depends on clearing negativity, the more that you develop a habit of seeking enjoyment and ease in the present, the more you build neural pathways in which choices for well-being become your brain's default position. Time is never wasted if you are genuinely enjoying yourself through a stress-free, natural connection to the pleasures of life. These activities also create the relaxation and positive physiological changes that allow you to open to unexpected solutions when you face challenges that frustrate your progress or productivity. Consider how you might make holiday activities a regular part of your life in 2018.




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